I had never managed to make a good picture of Mother in my mind.  In the end, it didn’t really matter, but I always felt there was something missing and inconsistent.  I knew there had to be coast at and around 0º latitude, 0º longitude or, in Mother’s terms, ‘0 grads fall’, and that there is where Pinnacle should be, however, I never made my mind whether the sea should be to the north of Pinnacle City or to the south and, mostly, I imagined the coastline running east to west but why should it be so, why couldn’t it run north to south or any other direction in between?

Then this map appeared in Maps on the Web , a fantasy map of a supposedly terraformed Venus originally at Devianart.  Let me show it here:

Venus Before the Inferno and after Terraformation

I realized that this is the image of Mother I had been looking for.  I feel Pinnacle should be somewhere in the large bay enclosed within the main fishhook continent. Anywhere there would do, more or less, it doesn’t matter that much.

What I liked of this map, which made me realize the misconception I had is that the main continent does not need to extend completely to the south or completely to the north of Pinnacle.  In a few drafts I made early on I had a horizontal line for the equator and then one blob of a continent either completely above or completely below that equator line.  That was it, pretty simple but also very artificial and unrealistic.   This map shows a far more credible distribution of landmasses that I ever imagined as well as various features like fertile and arid lands, lakes, rivers and mountains, and still works for the purpose of the novel.

Science fiction is always about exploring the edges of the known universe.  My mental image of Mother was too limited, too simple, very poor, it showed a complete lack of imagination.  I am happy that this image allowed me to go beyond those bounds.